14 August 2020



Aquamarine is a wonderful gem, one of the most popular in jewelry.

It is the stone of the sea, whose color it evokes, as well as the sense of calm and serenity that in the same way it manages to instill in the observer, and especially in the wearer.

This magical gemstone is characterized by an unmistakable blue color with a lot of shades ranging from light blue, to ice-blue and turquoise-green.

In choosing the aquamarine that best suits us, that of color is purely a matter of taste, while we should pay close attention to its transparency, which makes it so brilliant: the most beautiful and precious gems should not have internal inclusions, which could undermine their brightness and sometimes the structure.

Aquamarine, like emerald, is a variety of beryl, and owes its hue to the presence of iron within its crystalline structure. The nuances it may present often also derive from the area of ​​origin: the most valuable are extracted in Brazil, in different regions that give us stones of the most different shades.

From the more delicate pastel blue like the calm waters of a stream (Santo Domingo mine), to the more icy and intense blue like the color of a stormy sky (Pedra Azul mine), up to the blue tending to turquoise with delightful green shades ( mine Boca Rica).

However, there are also fields in Burma, Mexico, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, United States, Russia …


For centuries it has been among the most loved and appreciated gems in jewelry, for its beauty, delicacy and elegance, but also for its versatility: it can in fact be cut in the most varied shapes and has often been a source of inspiration for the most artistic jewelers of the Twentieth century, which have been able to exploit light and reflections to create pieces of unrepeatable wonder.

It is also said that during the Renaissance period it was the traditional gift for the future bride: this tradition continues today, as a symbol of purity and a wish for serenity and a happy love.

Not only that: aquamarine is also considered a powerful amulet, it is studied in crystal therapy and considered capable of numerous benefits for the body and mind.

An ally of our immune system, it can relieve respiratory tract problems or related to allergies, as well as acting on hormonal balance.

Being a gem associated with water, it is believed to be able to help us manage our emotions, our fears and shyness, giving us the courage to react and move forward, leaving behind bad moments and fears.

Aquamarine is the stone of serenity, peace and self-confidence, inner growth and spiritual balance.

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